Reach everyone interested

Capture the most important

Continuous Search

Immediate Updates

Stay informed in the real-time. No more repeating searches.

Saves your time

No delay

Reduces the cost by terminating the polling

Cost-efficient by resolving all interested at once

figure: data value vs time

Unlimited Sources

add own pub src

Already available event sources:

100+ Feeds (RSS/Atom/JSON)

70+ Telegram Channels

30+ Web Sites

Fediverse (ActivityPub Actors)

Messages published by others

Not enough? Add your own source.

More source integrations are coming.

No More Spam

Define what is important. Filter out everything else.

Match text keywords

Group conditions using operators like "And", "Or", ...

Match numbers using operators like "<", "=", "≥", ...



Feeds (RSS, etc)

Email Subs

Apps Notifications


Delay *





Subs Control **





Content Filter ***






(*) Delay: lower is simply better.

(**) Subscription Control should be available for the client to avoid spam.

(***) Content Filtering should happen early (on the service side) avoiding flooding the client with spam.

Use Cases

Real-Time Insights

Business Insights

Connect to various data sources relevant to the business, such as social media feeds, news sources, industry reports, financial markets, and internal data systems.

Subscribe for specific keywords, topics, and queries related to the business's interests, including brand mentions, industry trends, competitor activities, and market events.

Business leaders can make data-driven decisions faster, responding promptly to risks, opportunities and trends.

Real-Time Insights

Media Monitoring

Connect to a wide range of data sources, including social media platforms, news websites, blogs, forums, and other online communities.

Subscribe for specific persons, brands, topics, trends, activities, and events.

Staying informed helps individuals or organizations proactively manage their online presence and reputation.

Customer Targeting

Customer Targeting

Engage actively with potential customers by publishing offers that are received by everyone interested. This enables businesses to proactively reach out to potential customers with relevant information, offers, or content.

Published events have an immediate impact as they are received by users in real-time. Targeted messages increase the likelihood of conversion and customer acquisition.


And Much More...

Real Estate: subscribe for notifications about new properties that match a criteria, simplifying their search process.

Recruitment: publish a CV or a job description, find a dream job or candidate.

Science: researchers can monitor journals and databases for the latest publications and developments.

Entertainment: discover and receive notifications about upcoming concerts, movie releases, theater shows, etc.



No deployment required
Ready to use public event sources
Free single subscription that never expires

Public UI

Easy way to manage publishing and subscriptions.

Best for personal use.

Free to use
Adding own sources

Public API

Want to build own service?
Try the Awakari streaming API.

Best for client integrations.

Free first 30 days of access
Free first 10 pubs per day


Private event sources
Unlimited message publications
Unlimited subscriptions

Cloud Instance

Don't want to publish your events to everyone?

Private event sources.

No deployment required

Events On Premises

Want all events to remain inside your network?

Subscriptions only in the cloud.

Strict events privacy


Public UI is completely free to use (donations are welcome).

For other price options, contact.