Awakari goes Social


Awakari doesn't scrape a content. Instead, it uses the regular follow method.

Awakari always provides a link to the original content source.

If you don't want Awakari to follow you, just find it in a list of your followers and block.

See also this opinion.

   Today more and more services support ActivityPub to exchange activities in the decentralized world also known as Fediverse. The applications are not limited to social networks and blogs. There are also image, music, video sharing services and more.

   By treating these activities as source events Awakari brings the whole new dimension to the Fediverse world. With Awakari, one can monitor any activity matching own criteria from unlimited number of publishers and services.


  Awakari is a free to use service that consumes events from the different sources: RSS/Atom, Telegram, WebSub and since now, from Fediverse also. The purpose is to filter the events matching the user's criteria (keywords, number conditions, groups of conditions).

  An event source is an actor in terms of ActivityPub. So hereafter all Fediverse "profiles" and "accounts" mean "actor". Awakari is doing a conversion from the activity JSON to the CloudEvents format used internally. It's doing the best effort to retain the original attribute names with few documented exceptions.


   Go to the source service, e.g. Mastodon, find the publisher you want to track and get a link to it. Different services provide a publisher address in different formats:

  • Direct URL, example:
  • Alias (shortcut) URL, like:
  • WebFinger ID:
  • Awakari supports every option. It resolves aliases and WebFinger addresses and always registers a new source using the direct publisher URL only.

       Next, go to Awakari UI and click the + Source  button on the Pub tab to add a new publishing source.

       Specify the source publisher address and then submit. Awakari will respond with the actual source address when everything is fine.

       Now you can create a subscription to filter the incoming events and wait when something really important occurs.

       It's easy to test it: add own Fediverse account as a source and post something that triggers your subscription in Awakari.

       At the moment Awakari is tested and works fine with Mastodon, Friendica and Hubzilla based services.

    - Andrei Kurilov, 2024